Resources 2016 Liverpool

The Osaka workshop aimed to promote understanding of the current problems of ageing societies and to introduce the latest approaches for dealing with the issues arising from an ageing society in Japan. The Liverpool workshop has complementary aims including those that apply to RENKEI workshops overall which are to develop future research leaders and facilitate active collaborations and develop a sustainable network of researchers across Japan and the UK. Such a network includes collaborations with industry, the public sector and other research institutions outside of the RENKEI consortium.

For the Liverpool workshop we specifically aim to give colleagues researching the Ageing Society, from Japan and the UK, opportunities to collaborate and socialise, learn from each other and develop skills and behaviours to benefit their research, their research careers and their overall employability.

In order to achieve that aim we have the following objectives:

  • To provide opportunities for engaging with cultural and intercultural activities enabling participants to experience UK attitudes, politics and economic approaches toward age related activities and an ageing society
  • To provide a series of research related provocations (lectures, talks and online content) designed to stimulate teams of participants toward designing, creating and producing presentations and project outputs on ageing society issues, problems and solutions
  • To create opportunities for the transfer of knowledge between participants and between participants and others, including external organisations, other researchers and other stakeholders in the local community
  • To create opportunities for participants to practice skills and behaviours within a safe, friendly and mutually supportive and collaborative environment

The Liverpool Workshop

The Liverpool RENKEI workshop will be intensive but also full of opportunities to see the city and taste some of its history. We would like participants to think of ways to combine their experiences of the city and surroundings with thoughts on the ageing society and compare how the UK, and Japan, are preparing, for ageing populations. As an example, we plan to visit St Helens, a previous coal mining and manufacturing town. We aim to see how their community has reacted to the closure of their heavy industries, how they have adapted to becoming a post-manufacturing society and the consequences of these changes for an ageing population.

Academic lectures are ‘provocations’ designed to provoke participants into thought and idea generation to inform their projects, while the workshop will also offer ‘interventions’ in the form of short but highly useful development activity centred around, networking and team building.

A detailed programme is available here: Programme Ageing workshop Liverpool