Resources 2015 UCL workshops

Style of the workshop

The workshop will be facilitated in a way that will stimulate and encourage creative thinking. The group will be divided into teams. Each team will co-create a proposal for an innovative intervention to improve the health and wellbeing of people of all ages in an era of rapid demographic change. Thought-provoking provocations will be provided by various contributors.
Teams will also visit a variety of social enterprises in London to see how they create and implement solutions. These social enterprises will range from the very small community-based organisation, to a large company operating as a social enterprise in a commercial market, so that the group will be able to see what different opportunities might be available to them in terms of business structure.

The workshop also affords a great opportunity to explore the cultural wealth of London. We are organising a variety of activities to take advantage of this opportunity, but participants will also be encouraged to make their own exploration of the city and bring their discoveries to the workshop.

After the workshop, the teams will continue to collaborate in developing their solution so that a comprehensive presentation can be delivered during the following year. There will be a second workshop, to be held in Osaka in 2016, and one possibility would be to make the presentations at the start of that workshop.

Download theĀ provisional programme for the workshop here. Please noteĀ the first session of the workshop will take place on Sunday 2nd August.