Resources 2016 Osaka workshops

Style of the workshop:

The workshop will be facilitated in a way to stimulate and encourage creative thinking. The group will be divided into teams. Each team will co-create a proposal for an innovative intervention to improve the health and wellbeing of people of all ages in an era of rapid demographic change. Participants will have the option to design elements of the programme for themselves in real time.

Teams will also visit a range of innovative social enterprise businesses and experience projects that are already making a difference in Japan, and see how they create and implement solutions. Participants will experience and understand the process, and learn what takes to develop an idea into a successful and sustainable social business.

On the final day of the programme, teams will participate in a symposium aimed to understand what works in fostering social entrepreneurs and how to contribute to the wider process of generating social innovation. A range of organisations, universities and businesses will be invited to the symposium to share learning, exchange ideas, and celebrate and explore the work of RENKEI participants.

Those who participated in the first RENKEI workshop at UCL last year will also join this workshop. They have already organized two teams as below. Every new participant can choose either to join one of these teams or to organize a new team.

[Team A: Renaissance Home]

Japan has a rising issue with “zombie housing” – houses that are abandoned by their owners as they go into elder care, die or simply discard their houses and move to more desirable places. It also has issues with widening social gaps, homelessness, and increasing unemployment. This project aims to tackle these problems by utilising abandoned houses and offering opportunities for vulnerable people.

Renaissance homes will offer a solution to two vexing problems, abandoned houses and poverty, and make society a more desirable place to live.

[Team B: 7Es]

This project aims to ensure intergenerational fairness through setting up a social enterprise to develop a social networking platform in order to engage people of all ages, genders and races to tackle the Big 7Es, namely Entrepreneurship, Education, Environment, Energy, Eating (Food), Exercise (Preventative Health), and Eliminating Poverty.

7Es’ slogan is: “Sharing Knowledge, Sharing Economy, Sharing Development to Change the World for the Better”

For more information on the summer school, please check: 2016 RENKEI Summer Workshop at OU Overview_Final