RENKEI PAX School: Enslaving the Mind

Peace is not the prerogative of a few but a state of well-being whose structures must be maintained by all of us. This programme has selected it as a transdisciplinary grand challenge to bring together early career researchers from the U.K. and Japan from a range of disciplines. The programme suggested here for 2016 is intended as one of a series of post-graduate research endeavours which draws from the disciplines that contribute to Peace, Arts, Culture and Science (PACS = PAX = Peace).

We are facing the transformative change that is happening around the world in regard to peace and security. Nation states appear to be at a loss to deal with trans-border issues such as migration and para-statal terror and the call for collective security has grown stronger. Japan too is at an important crossroad, with the current government’s proposed revisions to the post-war Peace Constitution tending to polarize public opinion. In the U.K. too, the nation is struggling to understand what breeds “home grown terror” which operates in distant lands overseas and is in the search for ways of dealing with it. Against this background, this programme will look at how structures of peace get enmeshed into structures of war, co-opting the public in the process. This is the underlying rationale for selecting “Enslaving the Mind” as the theme of the proposed 2016 RENKEI PAX SCHOOL programme.

First workshop: Wednesday 14 – Friday 23 September 2016 in Kyoto (Ritsumeikan University) & Nagasaki, Japan

Second workshops: August 2017 in Liverpool, UK.