Understanding Global Challenges

As one of the RENKEI working groups, Tohoku University (Japan) and the University of Southampton (UK) collaborated jointly on the development of dual programmes for two schools for ‘young scholars’. These programmes provided a platform for engagement and knowledge exchange aiming to Address Global Challenges in cities, with the main focus being Energy Supply within Cities.

A successful Summer School was held at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan, on 8 – 12 September 2014, focusing on the theme of Energy Supply within Traditional and Environmentally Conscious Growth Models. The linked Spring School event was held at the University of Southampton, Southampton, UK, during the period of 22 – 29 March 2015, on the theme of District Energy Supply within Cities, with special emphasis on low carbon options for 21st century cities. Both events had contributions from different academic disciplines, industries, and municipalities / local authorities.

The programme of each school was designed to get young scholars to interact with each other and address the themes under consideration. The scholars were organised into groups working on tasks devised to examine specific research angles and explore differences between the current, traditional and the environmentally conscious (low carbon) energy supply systems. The schools’ programmes culminated in group presentations of appropriately identified solutions to support our cities’ energy needs in the 21st century and beyond. The presentations were assessed by specially formulated panels and the winners were announced at the school’s banquet dinner.

Outcomes and Reports are available on the British Council Website.